Discover How Time is Spent
employee time reports with senomix timesheet software

With Employee Effort Reports

Identify billable and non-billable client hours

Compare employee effort across projects

See which tasks consume project time

Review billed hours and amounts

Track project expenses

Compare estimates and actuals for project work

Itemize time spent on cross-project activities

Summarize employee work performed

Link to MYOB, Xero and QuickBooks

Identify schedule over-runs

An Easy Timesheet Calculator

See where staff time is directed.

Employee timesheet reports

Identify billable and
non-billable hours.

Show how project time
is spent.

Summarize employee work.

Discover which tasks consume the most time.

Create Reports Direct in Excel

Use tools you know well to crunch project data.

Create reports in Microsoft Excel

Allow supervisors to view non-financial numbers.

Let project teams track
status direct.

Give employees access to their own data and gain insight from their own work.

Get immediate answers to billing and management questions.

Turn Data Into Information

Examine whole projects, or view specific team effort.

A listing of timesheet comments

Spot project bottlenecks and points of concern before they become problems.

Get briefings from timesheet comments; stay on top of pressing issues.

Streamline in-person status meetings; get staff details up-front.

I would be delighted to recommend Senomix Timesheets - we would struggle to operate without it now.
R. Uttley
Schwartz LLC
Barnsley, United Kingdom
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