Senomix SSO Portal Setup

Instructions on this page outline how to link Senomix through your office's Single Sign-On (SSO) portal.

Single Sign-On allows you and your staff to authenticate Senomix sessions without entering an email and password.

Single Sign-On (SSO) Basics

Senomix authenticates with your SSO portal using SAML 2.0.

Each SSO service uses slightly different wording to describe its process, so terms used on this page may not exactly match your SSO portal's docs.

If you have questions while setting your SSO portal to link with Senomix, please do email us at

We'll be happy to help!

Authorizing your SSO Portal with Senomix

Before your SSO portal can connect with Senomix, we need to authorize your Identity Provider (IP).

To provide details for your IP, please email your portal's SAML Metadata .xml file to Senomix at

Your SSO provider's admin dashboard has an option to save your SAML Metadata. Once we have that file, we can set your authorization.

Adding Senomix to your SSO Portal

If a 'Senomix Timesheets' application is already listed in your SSO portal's app catalog, please add that app to your dashboard pages.

A default Senomix profile provided by your SSO portal will automatically set most details needed to link your Senomix account.

If your SSO portal does not have a read-made Senomix Timesheets app, you can create a 'Service Provider' (SP) link.

Your SSO portal has a process for adding a new Service Provider to your sign-in dashboard. Please follow your portal's instructions to add Senomix.

The details requested for your SSO dashboard link can be entered as follows:

Application Name:
   Senomix Timesheets

Entity Id:

ACS / Assertion Consumer Services URL:

Relay State / Start URL:

Sign On URL:

Name Id:

If there is a Signed Response option, please toggle that 'On' (your Senomix auth is SSL-secured).

Your SSO link will use a 'SAML Attribute' to define your Senomix account.

To do that:

Add a SAML Attribute to your SSO portal's Senomix link.

Name the SAML Attribute:

Set the attribute type as 'String' (or free-form text).

For the attribute's text value, enter the Senomix Account assigned to your office as lower-case text.

Your link's SenomixAccount attribute must be included in the SAML Assertion sent by your portal. That requirement is sometimes indicated with a checkbox named "Include in SAML Assertion".

Application Icons

Your SSO portal will use a clickable dashboard icon. It is best to provide an exact-match width x height icon size for your link.

You can save the image size(s) needed for your portal dashboard from here:

Senomix Icon 1x2.64
1 x 2.64 ratio
Senomix Icon 48x48px
48 x 48 pixels
Senomix Icon 48x48px
96 x 96
Senomix Icon 144x144px
144 x 144
Senomix Icon 192x192px
192 x 192
Senomix Icon 72x72px
72 x 72 pixels
Senomix Icon 128x128px
128 x 128
Senomix Icon 168x168px
168 x 168
Senomix Icon 256x256px
256 x 256
Senomix Icon 384x384px
384 x 384
Senomix Icon 512x512px
512 x 512

If you do not see your SSO portal's standard icon size listed above, please let us know. We'll provide you with an exact-match image sized to fit your portal.

You're Done!

You should now be able to sign in to your Senomix account using your SSO portal's dashboard.

After you have signed in using your SSO dashboard, you can also complete an SSO sign-in from your Senomix sign-in screen.

Just click the Use Single Sign-On (SSO) Instead link (under your green 'Sign In' button) to securely connect.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

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Senomix SSO Portal Setup

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