Senomix Timesheets for Mobile Devices

Time Tracking Apps for iPhone, Android and Tablets

An Easy Mobile Time Tracker

Link your phones, tablets and desktop computers with a simple time tracking app.

Time tracking for iPhone and Android
Enter daily time or a
full week's timesheet
using your phone

Senomix is ready to use with iPhone, iPad, Android and other mobile devices.

You can track and reference billable hours wherever your work day happens.

Connected With Your Office

Senomix is more than a mobile app.

Your system links mobile and desktop computers in a private time tracking network.

Activity selection on Android
Easily select
projects and
work tasks

Enter project information and generate reports from any system you'd like.

Track Your Work
Review your time on iPad
Easily work from home
Tablet time tracking for iPad and Android
Wherever Work Takes You

Your Portable Data Reference

Review past work as you'd like.

Review time and comments whenever, wherever
Check reports

Senomix gives you a handy work reference for team meetings and project reviews.

Add Comments and Project Details

Attach comment text to your hour entries.

Attach comment text to timesheets
Attach comments by keyboard or voice dictation

Append project details to keep managers and teams informed of project progress.

Ready for Excel, Xero and QuickBooks

Senomix works with Microsoft Excel and your office's accounting system.

Create Microsoft Excel reports
Create your reports
in MS Excel

Link your mobile apps as a streamlined front-end to your billing and payroll process.

We have been using Senomix Timesheets for over three years now and it is one of the best software packages I have ever worked with.
J. Pyra
Nova Scotia, Canada
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