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Frequently Asked Questions

Want step-by-step instructions?

Check your How Do I..? page.

Want detailed guides?

Check your help page.

Features and Functionality
Is Senomix Timesheets used over the Internet?


All programs run from the cloud with a click of your mouse. Technology is handled for you.

Employees can save their time, generate reports or enter expenses from your central office, branch locations, home offices, client sites, hotels or coffee shops as they like.

Can we use our Single Sign-On (SSO) Portal?


Senomix can authenticate through SAML 2.0-ready SSO dashboards like OneLogin, Google Workspace, Auth0/Okta, Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Sharepoint Azure AD / Microsoft Entra ID) and others.

You can find guidance for that on your Help page.

Can I create reports in Microsoft Excel?


Reports can be created direct in Microsoft Excel. You can view or edit formatted spreadsheets as you'd like.

Is there a limit to the number of entry lines on a timesheet?

Senomix timesheets can be as long as you'd like.

Your timesheet is scrollable, and automatically adds new lines as you enter hours.

My company's week ending is a Friday / Sunday /
Tuesday / etc. Will this work with your application?


You can choose any week ending day for your office.

Can I view where employee time is directed?


See for yourself in your user guides.

Senomix reports show staff effort by employee, project team, or for your whole office.

How do I use the application to [perform some system function]?

You can find step-by-step instructions on your How Do I..? page.

Detailed descriptions can be found on your Help page.

Our office requires hard-copy signed timesheets.
Are those available?


Timesheets can be printed for signature at any time.

Will Senomix Timesheets work with my company's Reporting or Payroll Software?

Senomix is ready to use with MYOB, QuickBooks and Xero.

Data exports can also transfer data to any other database.

For details about how Senomix can fit your software, please contact us.

Can Timesheets be transferred to MYOB?


You can connect Senomix direct to MYOB AccountRight / MYOB Business.

Interactive tutorials will walk you through each step.

Can Timesheets be transferred to QuickBooks?


You can connect Senomix direct to QuickBooks.

Interactive tutorials will walk you through each step.

Can Timesheets be transferred to Xero?


You can connect Senomix direct to Xero.

Interactive tutorials will walk you through each step.

Can Timesheets be transferred to Microsoft Access?


Your CSV (Comma Separated Values) database export report will export Senomix data to MS Access, or any other database or payroll system that allows the import of CSV data.

Can Timesheets be transferred to "Product X"?

If your accounting software can transfer data, Senomix can be adjusted to fit.

For details about how Senomix can fit your software, please contact us.

Can I try Senomix before I buy?


You can sign up for a free 30-day Senomix trial in seconds.

Your whole office can use Senomix at no cost or obligation.

Does Senomix Software meet the European Union GDPR rules?


You can find more information about how Senomix Software complies with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation here:

Senomix Software Inc. and EU GDPR

Is there someone I can contact for more information?


Please feel free to contact us at any time (email will get you the fastest response).

There is a feature I would like to have. Can you add it?

Almost all Senomix development is driven by user requests.

If there is a feature you'd like to see, please let us know!

Plans and Pricing
What are the available plans and pricing?

You can find all pricing information here.

Is Senomix Timesheets subscription-based?


Hosted plans are managed through an all-inclusive monthly charge.

Do I need to purchase the Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android, etc. versions separately?

Senomix plans include all applications and functionality under the single monthly charge.

Can I adjust my service plan to change the number of available users?


You can change your user count at any time.

What about when an employee leaves?

If a person leaves your organization, you can set their Senomix record to be "Historic".

Setting a user record Historic freezes the account, keeps all information, and lets you add a new user in their place (without adding to your user count).

What product support is provided?

Senomix plans receive full priority support by email and phone as part of their service package.

Do you provide discounts to Non-Profit and Educational organizations?


We provide a 15% discount for registered non-profit and accredited educational institutions.

Do I need to purchase upgrades for new versions of Senomix Timesheets?

All upgrades are included with the priority support delivered with your Senomix plan.

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