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System User Guides

All user guides for your Senomix Timesheets system can be found in this column. These guides apply both to hosted plans and self-installed systems.

Getting Started Guides:

Getting Started With Timesheet Entry
A step by step introduction to entering and saving your first weekly timesheet.

Getting Started With Administration
A step by step introduction to administering your Senomix Timesheets system.

Senomix Reports - Quick Reference
A reference which summarizes the options available for your Senomix Timesheets reports.

Examples Step by Step:

How Do I..?
A quick reference providing guided examples of how to perform many frequently used Senomix Timesheets tasks.

System User Guides:

Time Entry User Guide
Learn in detail how to enter and edit time using your Senomix Timesheets system.

Administration User Guide
Learn how to administer your system and generate timesheet reports.

Senomix for Mobile Devices
Learn how to use Senomix Timesheets on your iPad, iPhone, Android phone/tablet or other mobile device.

Documentation for Self-Installed Systems

The installation and reference guides in this column are only needed for self-installed versions of Senomix (where the system server is installed on your own office's computer equipment).

If your office is on a hosted Senomix plan, you will not need any of the guides in this column.

Installation Guide for Self-Installed Systems

Learn how to install Senomix Timesheets on your company's network.

Installation Guide for Windows

Step by step instructions for configuring most models of network router to work with self-installed Senomix systems can be found on this page.

References for Self-Installed System Maintenance:

How to Move the Server
A step by step guide for transferring the Timesheets Server from one computer to another.

Before moving your self-installed Senomix Timesheets Server to a new computer, please confirm that your Senomix version is compatible with that computer's operating system and that it has not reached the end of life for support.

Upgrade Guide
A step by step guide for upgrading Senomix Timesheets from an earlier version.

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