Senomix Timesheets v5.3

Guide for Mobile Devices

A guide for your mobile timesheet software on iPad, iPhone and Android phones and tablets.

Table of Contents
1.0 - Introduction to Senomix for Mobile Devices

The mobile version of Senomix Timesheets can be used with your Android, iPhone, iPad, or other current handheld device. System screens will be resized to accommodate your device or computer's screen size, with available space and displayed timesheet columns varying according to your device's specifications.

For simplicity in this guide, all screens after this section will be shown as they appear on an iPad tablet computer. The functionality provided on other devices will be the same as that shown for the iPad, with layouts changed to suit the screen space available to you.

For example, a timesheet will appear as follows on an Apple iPad:

Senomix iPad timesheet

The header and footer elements on each screen can be shown or hidden with a double-tap to your device's background. This can be helpful for smaller screens, such as the Apple iPhone 5, which is shown here with the header and footer temporarily hidden for ease of use:

Senomix iPhone timesheet

Screens can be displayed in both Landscape and Portrait orientation for your iPad, iPhone or Android device. For example, the timesheet shown above will appear as follows on iPad when rotated to Portrait mode:

Senomix iPad timesheet portrait

You'll find that some devices only have enough screen space available to display a few of the days on a timesheet week. In the examples above, the iPad in portrait mode shows four of the seven days of the week, and the iPhone can display only a single day's column. For both screens, the hidden day columns can be viewed by swiping your device screen left or right in order to change the column of focus.

Whenever your app needs you to wait while it communicates with your server, a wait spinner will be displayed in the middle of your screen. Similarly, when your app has completed a save action, it will inform you of the save success with an on-screen checkmark:

Senomix iPad timesheet saved

To dismiss that confirmation checkmark, just tap your device's screen.

2.0 - Signing in to Senomix Timesheets
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The mobile app login process for Senomix is much the same as for your desktop applications. Each user connects with their assigned email address username and password, with your office's Senomix account name provided for login:

Senomix sign in

Once your login information has been entered, your app will remember your settings and automatically connect you to your server the next time you open your app. If you would prefer to disable your automatic login and enter your password by hand, you can turn that option off in your Settings screen.

The email username and password to enter for your sign-in will be those entered for you by your Senomix administrative user (or, for your first sign-in, the email and password provided when creating your trial).

Once you have entered your Senomix Username, Password and Account, tap the green "Sign In" button or type on your device's enter key to sign in.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions about signing in to your Senomix account from your mobile device, please contact us at We'll be happy to help!

Please Note

Modern phones and tablets are miniature computers and, like all computers,
can become unstable if left powered on without rebooting for long periods of time.

If you find your phone or tablet is becoming unstable
please take a moment to clear your device's memory by fully powering off
and rebooting your device.

You can power off your phone or tablet by holding your device's power button
for five seconds and following the instructions which appear on-screen.

3.0 - System Screens - Main Menu

Once you have signed in to your Senomix app you will be brought to your Main Menu:

Senomix main menu

To open a system screen, just tap a button to make your selection.

To sign out and exit your Senomix app you can tap the main menu Sign Out button or close your application from any system screen.

3.1 - Timesheet Screen

Your mobile app's timesheet behaves much like the screen used in your desktop system and we'll only provide an overview of that functionality here. For a detailed description of the options available for your timesheet, please see the tutorial and help pages provided with your desktop apps.

A timesheet opened from the Timesheet button on your main menu will always bring you to your current week's timesheet:

Senomix timesheet

To view a timesheet for a past or future week you can click the toolbar arrow buttons to change your week of focus, or open the Timesheet Listing screen to review all of your records.

To view days of the week scrolled off-screen, just swipe your iPad, iPhone or Android device's screen to the left or right as appropriate to shift your field of view.

Billing Code Selection

To select a project, activity or task for your timesheet, tap one of the selector fields at the left-hand side of your timesheet row. The selector for project, activity or task will be opened as appropriate for your choice.

For example, if the task field of the project/activity/task selector on the third timesheet row shown above was tapped, the selector screen would be opened to allow you to change your selected task:

Timesheet task selection

The currently selected project, activity and task are shown at the top of your screen, with the available options displayed in the table below.

To select the project, activity and task displayed for your choice and set it for your current timesheet's row, tap the green Select button. To cancel any change of selection, click the Cancel toolbar button.

To select a different project, activity or task, just tap the row of interest to you and hold it for a moment.

After selecting an item, your timesheet row will be updated to reflect your choice. For example, if the "System Documentation" task was chosen for row of the timesheet selected above, the row would be updated as follows:

Timesheet task selected

As with the desktop version of Senomix Timesheets, you can set your timesheet rows to have a project, activity or task level of precision for your selection, with the "None" option allowing you to indicate a blank selection for your choice. For example, on the first timesheet row shown above, only a project and activity have been chosen to reflect the non-billable work for Meetings.

Hours Entry

To enter an hours value in your timesheet, just tap the hours field of interest to you and enter the number of hours you wish to record. By default, a decimal will automatically be added after the first number you have typed, so the value "3.5" can be entered by simply typing the numbers "3" and "5" on your keyboard.

If you would prefer to type the decimal yourself when entering your hours, the automatic decimal option can be disabled in your Settings screen.

Saving a Timesheet

To save your timesheet, tap the green "Save" button on your screen's toolbar. Once your record has been saved, a confirming checkmark will be shown:

Timesheet saved

You can dismiss that checkmark and continue your work by tapping your screen.

Timesheet Options

The Options button at the bottom-left corner of your timesheet screen provides access to the other options available in your desktop apps. For example, if tapping that button on an editable timesheet, you would be presented with this menu:

Timesheet options

Similarly, tapping the Options button from a read-only timesheet would provide you with the options made available in your desktop app's read-only timesheet screen:

Timesheet read-only options

The Clear, Mark As Complete, Round Hours, Move Row Up and Move Row Down buttons provide the same functionality as your desktop apps to clear your screen, submit your timesheet for approval, round timesheet hours to the nearest 5, 10, 15 or 30 minutes (as set by your system administrator), and to move your selected timesheet row up or down in the timesheet grid. The functionality provided by the other buttons in this menu are described below.

Adding a Timesheet Comment

To attach a text comment to any effort hours entry, tap the "Add Comment" button from your timesheet options. A comment entry screen will then be displayed corresponding to the timesheet hours field you last tapped:

Timesheet comment entry

As with your desktop system, you can attach up to 5,000 characters of comment text to each of your timesheet hours entries and can also use the voice notes option of your iPad, iPhone or Android device to dictate your comment.

To attach an entered comment to your timesheet, tap the green "Ok" button. As with your desktop system, the hours entry field will then be shaded a light green colour to indicate that a comment has been added to those hours.

You can view your entered comment by either setting focus to the hours field of interest and opening your edit comment screen or by creating a "Timesheet Comments" report (as described below).

Setting Timesheet Defaults

To save a default template for your timesheet (so, record your timesheet row selected projects, activities, tasks and billable / non-billable states), tap the "Set Default" button from your timesheet options. A confirmation checkmark will be shown to inform you that your defaults have been set to reflect the displayed timesheet:

Timesheet defaults set

As with your desktop system, your defaults will then be pre-populated the next time you open a new timesheet for your work week.

To clear your defaults, just clear your timesheet (by tapping the "Clear" button from your timesheet options) and set the default timesheet again for that cleared screen by tapping the "Set Default" button.

Creating a Printable Timesheet

To create a print-ready timesheet, tap the "Get Printable" button on your read-only timesheet options menu:

Printable timesheet on iPad
Printable Timesheet Comments

As with the printable timesheet, you can create a timesheet comments report by tapping the "Get Comments" button on your read-only timesheet options:

Printable timesheet comments on iPad
3.2 - Timesheet Listing Screen

The Timesheet Listing screen allows you to review all of your past timesheets and open those records for review or editing:

Timesheet listing screen

In the listing screen, you can see if your past record is pending approval (and so can still be edited), has been approved and locked from editing, or has been disapproved for correction. The name of the individual who has approved or disapproved your timesheet can also be seen in that record's row.

To select a timesheet for review, tap row of interest and either hold your finger on that selection or tap the Details toolbar button. Once selected, your timesheet will be opened as a read-only timesheet:

Read-only timesheet

The read-only timesheet holds the same information as your regular, editable timesheet, with the Save button replaced with an Edit option.

If your reviewed timesheet has been approved and locked from editing, the Edit button will read "Locked".

If your timesheet is still available for editing you can tap the Edit toolbar button to allow adjustments to your record.

3.3 - Settings Screen

Your Settings screen allows you to set your personal preferences for your Senomix app.

Timesheet settings screen

Each of the options can be set on and off using the listed toggle switches. To apply your changes, tap the Save toolbar button.

The settings options available are:

Display Code for Projects

As with your desktop system, you can set your project selector and timesheet to display the project code for your available projects and show that identifier on your timesheet screen. If you have chosen to display project codes for your projects, your records will be listed alphabetically in order of project code rather than by project description.

Display Code for Activities and Tasks

You can also choose to display activity and task codes.

As with the display of project codes, your available activities and tasks will be listed alphabetically in identifier order (rather than by description) when using your activity and task selection screens.

Disable Automatic Login

By default, your Senomix app is set to automatically connect to your account when you open your mobile sign-in screen. If you would prefer instead to enter your password manually and not have your password saved for your device, just set this option on and you will be left at your sign-in screen to provide that information on each system login.

Disable Screen Change Animations

If you would prefer that your Senomix application screens change immediately rather than with a smooth transition animation, just set this preference to Yes.

Disable Automatic Decimal

Your Senomix app is set to automatically add a decimal to your hours entries. If you would prefer to enter your decimal manually, just enable this option to remove the use of an automatic decimal from your time entry screen.

Change Theme

Opens your theme selector, allowing you to change your mobile app's colour theme.

Change Password

This button opens the Change Password screen, within which you can change the password used to sign in to your account.

Change password

To change your password, just enter your old and new passwords where prompted and tap the Save toolbar button to update your record.

3.4 - About Screen

The About screen provides version and license information for your application, along with links to help you contact Senomix in the event you require assistance.

Senomix about screen

If you have any questions about your system, please feel free to contact us through the provided email link. We'll be happy to help!

4.0 - Have Questions?

If you have any questions about your mobile app or Senomix system, please get in touch at

We hope you find your Senomix app a helpful addition to your office and welcome any suggestions you might have.

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