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Senomix Plan Pricing

Installed Price
(One User)
$12 per-month
Time Tracking
Expense Tracking
Unlimited Projects
Unlimited Invoices
Small Business
(6 Users)
$50 per-month
Time Tracking
Expense Tracking
Unlimited Projects
Unlimited Invoices
(20+ Users)
Starting at
$190 per-month
Time Tracking
Expense Tracking
Unlimited Projects
Unlimited Invoices
(20 - 500 Users)
Time Tracking
Expense Tracking
Unlimited Projects
Unlimited Invoices
Installed on your
own office network
$10 for each additional user in your plan
No credit card needed for your trial
Continue For Just $12

After finishing your free trial
the $12 Freelancer plan is a great option to start with.

You can begin with just one user
and move to a different plan later as your business grows.

You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your plan
at any time and without penalty

Sized to Fit Your Office

You can adjust your Senomix Timesheets plan to fit the exact number of employees in your office at a monthly cost of $10 per-user added.

For example, if you would like to track time for 30 people in your office, you would purchase a Corporate plan (providing 20 users) and include 10 additional users. For 8 people, a Small Business plan (providing 6 users) would only need 2 additional users.

In the Cloud or Self-Installed

You can leave all technology management to us with a Senomix plan in the internet cloud or install a system to be maintained by your internal IT staff.

Senomix plans allow you to adjust your system size up and down as your employee headcount changes over the years.

Try Senomix Free for 30 Days

Your entire office can try Senomix Timesheets at no cost and no obligation for 30 days.

We highly recommend this software, for both the smaller consultant as well as larger companies.
P. Schonning
Polyhistor International, Inc.
Florida, United States

All options include:

Unlimited Projects

Weekly Timesheets

Automatic Stopwatch

Estimate Tracking

Project Assignment

QuickBooks Integration

Reports in Microsoft Excel

Expense Tracking

Managerial Approvals

Personal Employee Reports

Invoice Creation

Export to MS Access

Apps for Windows, Mac OS X,
iPad, iPhone, Android
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