Spending Too Much Time Tracking Time?
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Fix That With Senomix Timesheets

A Simple Timesheet For Your Office

Every minute spent on time tracking is effort taken away from your productive office work. Though essential for billing and project management, recording time shouldn't be work itself.

Weekly Timesheet Entry screen

Senomix Timesheets solves the problem of accurate time tracking by letting you and your staff quickly record effort hours and focus on your priority tasks. Using the system's weekly timesheet screen, you need only select your project, enter your hours, click 'save' and you're done.

Whether recording effort hourly, daily or weekly, the time entry screen of Senomix Timesheets provides a simple layout which allows you and your staff to record time to your office's central server and return to your day with a minimum of interruption.

Save Time and Avoid Hassle

Default settings for each employee's preferred timesheet layout can be saved with a single click, and past entries can be easily retrieved for reference using the printable timesheet and comments reports provided with every employee's own timesheet list.

Timesheet Comment Entry

Detailed comments can be added to every hour recorded, with up to 5,000 characters of descriptive text available for each entry on an employee's time sheet.

Whether it's a reminder of task details, a snippet from an email, or a note to follow-up on a particular item of work, timesheet comments can record any additional details you and your staff would like to save.

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Make Your Time Tracking Easy

Time tracking is an essential task
performed by you and your staff every working day.

With Senomix Timesheets, you can streamline that process
and ensure a minimum of disruption to your priority work.

We rely upon Senomix Timesheets for post project analysis, historical tracking of actual effort for informing future estimates and also to support time and materials invoicing.
J. Pyra
Nova Scotia, Canada
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