Guide for Time and Expense Entry
3.6 - Management Sub-Menu Screen

Your management sub-menu screen provides access to expense claim entry and listing, timesheet approval, time estimate entry and off-week filing of past and future timesheets. This screen is reached from your main menu by clicking the "Management" menu button.

Senomix time and expense entry management sub-menu screen

The available options which can be reached from this screen are:

Expense Claim

Opens your expense claim entry screen, allowing you to create a new expense claim.

List Claims

Opens your expense claim listing screen, through which you can review all expense claims you have created to date.

Approve Time

Opens your timesheet approval screen, through which you can approve the timesheets of individuals in your assigned scope of responsibility.

Off-Week Filing

Opens your off-week filing screen, through which you can create past or future timesheets to cover missed past weeks or future periods during which you will away from the office (for example, on vacation).


Closes this screen and returns you to your main menu.

If your account has administrative privileges, a green System Admin button will also be shown in this menu. When clicked, the System Admin button will connect you to your Administration application.