Guide for Time and Expense Entry
3.3 - Stopwatch Timer Screen

Your stopwatch timer screen allows you to automatically track time as you work.

Please Note

Your computer must remain powered on while your stopwatch is recording time.

If you turn your computer off, log out of your computer, set your computer to power-off
'sleep' in a 'hibernation' mode, or otherwise shut down your computer,
your stopwatch will be unable to record your work.

Your stopwatch will continue to record time when your computer is set to its 'lock' screen, but your computer must remain powered on and connected to your network
if your stopwatch timer is to correctly track your time.

Once your stopwatch has been started, tracked time will increment for your selected billing code every 36 seconds (0.01 of an hour).

stopwatch timer screen

Your stopwatch can be reached by clicking the "Stopwatch Timer" button from your main menu. The buttons and fields provided on this screen are as follows:


Exits the stopwatch timer and returns you to your main menu screen.


Exits the stopwatch timer and returns you to the screen from which your stopwatch was opened.


Opens a new web page displaying help for your current screen.


Indicates the project for which time is to be tracked.


Indicates the activity for which time is to be tracked.


Indicates the task for which time is to be tracked.

Record As Billable Time

Indicates whether or not your stopwatch is to record the selected billing code as billable or non-billable time

Start Recording Time / Stop Recording Time

Your stopwatch's start/stop button. When clicked, this button will toggle the automatic recording of time to the project, activity and task you have selected.

Hours For This Session

Displays amount of time which has been recorded since the "Start Recording Time" button was last clicked. In the example shown above, the "Client Interviews" task has had 0.03 hours accumulated prior to the stopwatch having been stopped.

Hours For This Work Today

Displays the amount of time which has been recorded for the selected billing code for the day today. In the example shown above, a total of 2.23 hours have been tracked for the "Client Interviews" task.

All Hours Recorded For Today

Displays the total number of hours which have been recorded for today's work. In the example shown above, 5.73 hours have been tracked for all work today.

Edit Comment

While your stopwatch is actively recording time, you can click this button to add or edit a comment associated with the selected billing code hours for this day.

Your stopwatch timer allows you to automatically record effort hours in the background of your computer, with your tracked time recorded in your timesheet for later review. The project, activity and task selectors are used in the same manner as on your timesheet, with all active billing codes available for your selection. Whether your recorded time is to be tracked as billable or non-billable is determined from the "Y" or "N" setting of your codes checkbox.

Once your stopwatch has been set to record time, the billing code selectors and billable checkbox will be disabled, and the start/stop button will be shaded red with its label set to read "Stop Recording Time":

stopwatch timer recording

This serves to lock your stopwatch to the billing code you have selected, with the timer now automatically tracking time for that work. If you would like to change the billing code to which your time is being recorded, you can click the "Stop Recording Time" button to halt recording:

stopwatch timer screen

And then select the new project, activity and task for which you would like to track time. Clicking the "Start Recording Time" button again will once more lock your selection and record time for the work you have indicated.

Your stopwatch will increment the time passed every one-hundredth of an hour (so, every 36 seconds), with the stopwatch rounding up or down to the nearest one-hundredth when recording is stopped. The number of hours recorded since you last clicked the "Start Recording Time" button is noted in the "Hours For This Session" field, with all time recorded to the displayed task for today shown in the "Hours For This Work Today" field. In the example shown above, Marie has recorded a total of 2.23 hours to the Client Interviews task today, with 0.03 hours recorded for the last session of recorded time. For all of today, Marie has recorded 5.73 hours of time in total, as shown in the "All Hours Recorded For Today" field.

If your stopwatch is still actively tracking time when you attempt to close the screen or sign out of your Senomix account, a warning message will be displayed:

stopwatch timer still recording

As mentioned in that message, continuing to exit your stopwatch screen will halt the automatic tracking of your time. If you would like to hide your stopwatch and continue to have your Senomix application track time for you in the background, just minimize your web browser window to your computer's taskbar or dock. The task to which you are actively recording your time, along with the time recorded for your stopwatch timer session, will be displayed in the tooltip associated with your program's taskbar icon (as described below).