Guide for Time and Expense Entry
3.11.1 - Printing Your Estimates

If you would like a printable copy of your time estimates, you can create one at any time by clicking the "Get Printable" toolbar button on your estimate entry screen.

After your report has been created, you can print, email or save it as you would like.

Please Note: Your "Get Printable" button will create a report displaying the information you have saved on your Senomix server. You should always save any changes made on your estimates screen (by clicking the green "Save" button on your screen's toolbar) before creating your printable list of estimates.

Once the "Get Printable" button has been clicked, a formatted report will be created and automatically opened in a new web page or in Microsoft Excel as fits your report settings. You can change your preference for how reports are created in your application through your Settings screen.

A web page version of your printable estimates would be created in a new popup window which appears on top of your Senomix session:

printable time estimates

When creating your report as a web page, your web browser may prompt you with a popup warning when clicking your "Get Printable" report button. If that popup warning appears for you, you can select that all popups from "" should be allowed (which will prevent that warning from appearing when creating reports).

Please Note: Mac users working with the Safari web browser must change their web browser preferences to allow popup windows. That can be done on your Mac in the Safari Preferences -> Security -> Allow Popup Windows setting.

Microsoft Excel Reports

If your report preferences are set to create your reports in Microsoft Excel, Excel will be automatically opened for you when creating your report. A Microsoft Excel confirmation message will also appear:

excel confirmation message

That confirmation message must be acknowledged before your computer will allow the opening of Excel for your report. After confirming the message by clicking "Yes", your estimates listing will be opened as a formatted Microsoft Excel document:

printable time estimates excel