Guide for Time and Expense Entry
3.10 - Timesheet Approval Screen

Your timesheet approval screen allows you to review the time sheets of employees assigned to your scope of responsibility and to grant approval to those records (which locks them from further edits).

The timesheets listed in the approval screen can be examined by double-clicking the record in the table listing, or by selecting the record and clicking the "Details" toolbar button.

timesheet approval screen

The buttons and fields provided on this screen are as follows:


Exits the screen and returns you to the main menu screen.


Exits the screen and returns you to the screen from which the timesheet approval screen was opened.


Opens the selected timesheet for your review in a read-only screen.


Approves the selected record (after confirming the action) and removes it from your approval listing.


Selects the previous timesheet in the table listing.


Selects the next timesheet in the table listing.

Record Counter

Displays a count of the number of timesheets listed in the table and indicates which of those records is currently selected.


Opens a new web page displaying help for your current screen.

Week Ending Date

Displays the week ending date of the selected timesheet.

Employee Name

Displays the name of the individual whose timesheet is selected.

Employee No.

Displays the employee number of the individual whose timesheet is selected.

Approval Status

Displays the approval status of the selected timesheet, this will be one of "Disapproved" or "Pending Approval".

Timesheet Id

Displays the system-assigned id of the selected timesheet.

Last Update User

Displays the username of the individual who last updated the selected timesheet.

Last Update Date

Displays the date on which the selected timesheet was last updated.

Your timesheet approval screen operates much like your timesheet listing screen, with all non-approved timesheets for employees assigned to your scope of responsibility shown in the table window. The screen is reached by clicking the "Approve Timesheets" button on your management sub-menu screen.

The ordering of your screen's table window can be changed from ascending date to descending by clicking the header of the "Week Ending Date" column, with the arrow indicator on that column indicating the listing order currently shown.

To review a record prior to granting approval, either select the time sheet of interest and click the "Details" toolbar button or double-click the record in the table listing. The timesheet will then be opened in a read-only timesheet detail screen.

To approve a timesheet, select the record to approve and click the green "Approve" toolbar button. A confirmation prompt will then be displayed:

timesheet approval confirmation

After clicking the "Yes" button on that confirmation, the selected time sheet will then be noted as approved by you:

timesheet approved

With the record removed from your approval listing.

Once all listed timesheets have been approved by you, you will be informed that no further records remain:

all timesheet approved

After clicking the "Ok" button to confirm that message, your timesheet approval screen will be closed.