Guide for Time and Expense Entry
3.1 - Main Menu Screen

After you have signed in to your account, you will be brought to your Timesheet Entry application's Main Menu:

Senomix time and expense entry main menu screen

All functionality for your time and expense entry application can be reached through this screen, with the available options to be found in the button bar at the screen's right-hand side. These buttons have the following functionality:


Opens your Timesheet Entry screen, allowing you to edit your current week's timesheet.

Stopwatch Timer

Opens your Stopwatch Timer screen, allowing you to automatically track time while you work.

Timesheet List

Opens your Timesheet Listing screen, allowing you to review timesheets from past weeks.


Opens your Management Sub-Menu screen, from which you can enter and review expense claims, enter time estimates, create timesheets for past or future weeks, and approve timesheets for individuals in your scope of responsibility.


Opens your system Settings screen, allowing to you set your application preferences and change your account password.


Opens the About screen for your application, providing information about your system's version and registration.

Sign Out

Signs you out of your Senomix Timesheets session.

If your user account has been set to have "Stopwatch Access Only", only the Stopwatch, Settings, About and Sign Out buttons will be available for your use.

If your account is set for a "Non-Time Entering" user, your Management button will be left enabled to allow you to process timesheet approvals for individuals in your scope of responsibility.