Guide for Time and Expense Entry
3.0 - System Screens

Once you have signed in to Senomix Timesheets, you will be brought to your Main Menu screen. To move from your Main Menu and between system screens, click the appropriate menu or toolbar button to make your selection.

A toolbar is provided at the top of every system screen, such as this toolbar shown at the top of your Timesheet Entry screen:

Timesheet toolbar

Using that toolbar, you can move back one screen from your current location by clicking the "Back" button:

Senomix back button

Or you can click the "Home" button to jump directly to your Main Menu screen:

Senomix home button

To get help for the screen you are currently using, click the "Help" button:

Senomix help button

To sign out and exit Senomix Timesheets you can click the Sign Out button at the bottom-right corner of your Main Menu screen, or click the top-right corner "Sign Out" link at any time.