Guide for Time and Expense Entry
2.0 - Signing in to Senomix Timesheets

To sign in to your Senomix account, you will connect with your personal username and password along with your office's account name (or, for self-installed systems, your office's server IP address).

Your application sign-in screen can be reached by opening the web page:

With that screen providing a form in which you can enter your sign-in details:

Senomix sign in

Once your sign-in information has been entered, Senomix Timesheets will remember your username, your office's account name, and your last selected application and automatically set those values the next time you visit your sign-in page. If you would prefer that information not be remembered for you, tick the "Remember Me" checkbox 'off' before signing in:

Senomix sign in remember me checkbox

Your account can also be set to save your Senomix username and password in your web browser's cache and automatically sign you in to your time and expense entry application when you visit your sign-in page. To enable that one-click sign-in option, open your application's Settings screen after signing in and click the "Enable Automatic Login" checkbox to 'on':

Senomix one-click sign-in

One-click sign-in is only available for your time and expense entry application. If you will be using your administration or reports applications from the same computer from which you enter time, you will need to turn off your automatic login option before connecting to those applications.

The username and password to enter for your sign-in will be those created for you by your Senomix administrative user (or, for your first sign-in, the username and password you provided when creating your hosting plan account).

Your office's Senomix Account will be your "Company Name" (as entered when signing up for your Senomix account) with all space characters and punctuation removed. For example, if your "Company Name" was provided as "Example Co. Ltd", the Senomix Account name to enter for your sign-in would be "ExampleCoLtd" (you can also enter your account name in all lower-case letters, like "examplecoltd").

An email with your Senomix account name and other information will have been sent to your office when first registering. If you have forgotten or misplaced your office's Senomix account details, please do Contact Us for assistance.

The Senomix application to which you will be connecting can be selected from the three options provided just above your sign-in button:

Senomix application selection

Options for your time and expense entry, reports and administration applications are provided, with your selected application highlighted in blue. To sign in to your time and expense entry application, the first button will be selected, as shown above.

After entering your personal username, password, company account name, and selecting your Senomix application, click the green 'Sign In' button to connect:

Signing in to senomix account

You will then be signed in to your Senomix account and brought to your Main Menu screen:

Senomix time and expense entry main menu screen

After signing in, your own name and company name can be seen at the top-right corner of every system screen:

Senomix connected user details

The "Help" button at that top-right corner can be clicked at any time to provide help for the screen you are currently viewing:

Senomix help button

And the "Sign Out" link can be used to disconnect your Senomix session:

Senomix sign-out link
Self-Installed System Sign-In

If your office is running a self-installed version of Senomix Timesheets (where the server and client applications are installed and operated on your own office network), the value to enter for your Senomix account will be the IP address of your office's router or internet access point (as described in the installation guide for your self-installed system), preceded with "s:". For example, if the IP address of your office's internet access point was, you would enter "s:" as the value for your Senomix Account.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions about signing in to your Senomix account, please contact us at or call us here in Toronto, Canada at (416) 803-9705. We'll be happy to help!