Self-Installed System Pricing

Self-installed Senomix systems are licensed
with an all-inclusive annual fee.

The annual license charge includes
all system functionality, upgrades
and priority support.

Why Self-Installed?

Self-installed Senomix systems are best for offices whose data retention policies require all project time and expense tracking information to be kept in-house.

Under a self-installed Senomix plan, the system server and database is operated and managed on your own office network by your own IT staff.

Self-Installed System Cost

The annual cost of a self-installed Senomix Timesheets license is approximately double that of a cloud-based hosted Senomix plan and covers the installation of one Senomix Server program and database.

Individuals who will not save timesheets themselves (but who will administer your system or generate reports) can be set to not count against your user license.

One Price - All Options

As with hosted plans, self-installed Senomix systems receive all system functionality, upgrades, and priority telephone and email support.

If you do not have a dedicated in-house IT staff, we recommend a hosted Senomix plan in the cloud. Under a hosted Senomix plan, all system management, data backups, server upgrades and maintenance are handled for you.

To receive a quote for the annual license price of a self-installed Senomix system for your office, please contact us.

The Senomix Guarantee

If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied
with your purchase, contact us within 90 days
for a full refund.

No hassle. No questions asked.

It's our promise:
You will be delighted with our software.

Upgrading a Legacy Senomix System

If your office is operating with a legacy self-installed system, please do contact us at for the upgrade options available.

Adding Self-Installed Users

If you would like to add users to your self-installed Senomix system, please do contact us at for a quote and secure purchase link.

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Self-Installed System Pricing

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