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On May 14th, 2017, we released Senomix version 5.2, adding a variety of features for time and expense entry on Mac and Windows for both hosted and self-installed plans.

Highlights of that new application version included the following:

  • Employees can now mark a timesheet as complete for the week and ready for approval. Timesheets will now appear for managers as either Incomplete, Awaiting Approval, Approved or Disapproved depending upon their edit state.
  • Timesheets can now be disapproved from the time entry app manager approval screen, providing an option to clear an employee's mark as complete record lock.
  • Project tasks may now be designated as being for 'all activities' in a project template, providing a single item list for easy edit across a project's work.
  • Email address may now be used for system sign-in. The old 'username' attribute remains in place for system sign-in for now but will be phased out of use over time.
  • Expense claims may now be noted as having been paid for reimbursement to the expense claim submitter.
  • A free-form comment field has been added to expense claims, allowing managers and employees to add additional detail beyond the expense claim entries themselves.
  • The Incomplete Timesheets report can now be filtered by groups of employees.
  • A raw-data project export report has been added to deliver a simple listing of projects and their attributes to Microsoft Excel.
  • A raw-data user export report has been added to deliver a simple listing of user records and their attributes to Microsoft Excel.
  • Bug fix: Labels on pie charts were being truncated. That has now been corrected.
  • In addition to the above, a number of system optimizations and performance improvements have been added to streamline your desktop and mobile apps.
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