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On April 22nd, 2014, we added administration and reports functionality to the Senomix Timesheets web portal, providing a browser-based application for system administration and report creation on Mac and Windows.

As with the time and expense entry web portal provided in November 2013, this new application version now adds to your system administration:

  • Streamlined report creation and record review, with revised screens for timesheet and expense claim reports making it even easier to turn your time and expense tracking data into actionable information.
  • Projects, Activities and Tasks can now be selected for your administrative use from a single window, with in-list search allowing for rapid selection of the items you need, regardless of the number you have to choose from.
  • In-application context-sensitive help can now be accessed at any time by clicking the "Help" button provided on each screen of your administration and reports applications.
  • Improved system speed and communications, with HTML5 WebSocket technology ensuring a rapid link to your system server whether you're working in the next office or on the other side of the world.
  • Compatibility with the Google Chrome, Firefox, Mac Safari and Internet Explorer (version 10 or later) web browsers allows you to work with the platform you prefer best, with inter-operability between Windows and Mac OS X computers providing continued multi-platform support.
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