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On November 25th, 2013, we released the Senomix Timesheets web portal, providing a browser-based application for time and expense entry on Mac and Windows.

Highlights of that new application version included the following:

  • Projects, Activities and Tasks can now be selected for your time and expense tracking from a single window, with in-list search allowing for rapid selection of the items you need, regardless of the number you have to choose from.
  • In-application context-sensitive help can now be accessed at any time by clicking the "Help" button provided on each screen of your time and expense entry application.
  • Improved system speed and communications, with HTML5 WebSocket technology ensuring a rapid link to your system server whether you're working in the next office or on the other side of the world.
  • Compatibility with the Google Chrome, Firefox, Mac Safari and Internet Explorer (version 10 or later) web browsers allows you to work with the platform you prefer best, with inter-operability between Windows and Mac OS X computers providing continued multi-platform support.
  • Hours rounding for timesheet and stopwatch tracked time is now set to round up to the nearest five, ten, fifteen or thirty minutes as your office prefers.
  • One-click sign-in is available for your system through your "Enable Automatic Login" preference.
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