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On October 20th, 2009, Senomix Software Inc. released version 3.3 of Senomix Timesheets. The following new functionality was added for that version:

  • Wherever you are in the world, if you're connected to Internet TCP/IP, you can now connect to your office's Senomix Timesheets system.
  • Communications have been adjusted to work via TCP rather than the UDP network used in previous versions of Senomix Timesheets. The result is a system more friendly to external networks which requires minimal configuration to connect off-site users. Those working on client sites, out of home offices, traveling out-of-town, or stopping in at the coffee shop for Wi-Fi are now able to access Senomix Timesheets as if they were working in the same office.
  • Details on configuring your office's network to allow external use of Senomix Timesheets may be found in the System Installation Guide.
  • The interface and communications for Senomix Timesheets is now even faster. Improvements will be most noticeable to larger (100+ user) offices, but even the smallest groups will see their fast system screens acting even snappier.
  • The Mac version of the Timesheets Server may now be set to operate as a Daemon process on your office's Mac OS X server.
  • QuickBooks imports of Employee, Customer:Job, Service Item and Class attributes will now ignore those records which have been designated "Inactive" in QuickBooks.
  • The table window listing for Project, Activity and Task administration screens may now be sorted on both Identifier and Full Description.
  • The table window listing for the User administration screen may now be sorted on lastname/firstname, firstname/lastname, username or employee no.
  • A button has been added to toggle the display of all or only active system users in the User administration screen.
  • The SMTP Port number may now be specified for e-mail reminders to suit offices which use networks connecting e-mail at ports other than 25. Attributes for username, password and the SMTP server name itself have also been increased in size to 100 characters each.
  • The length of the Project, Activity and Task Identifier attributes have been increased to 50 characters.
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