Timesheets for Mobile Devices
3.3 - Settings Screen

Your Settings screen allows you to set your personal preferences for your Senomix app.

Timesheet settings screen

Each of the options can be set on and off using the listed toggle switches. To apply your changes, tap the Save toolbar button.

The settings options available are:

Display Code for Projects

As with your desktop system, you can set your project selector and timesheet to display the project code for your available projects and show that identifier on your timesheet screen. If you have chosen to display project codes for your projects, your records will be listed alphabetically in order of project code rather than by project description.

Display Code for Activities and Tasks

You can also choose to display activity and task codes.

As with the display of project codes, your available activities and tasks will be listed alphabetically in identifier order (rather than by description) when using your activity and task selection screens.

Disable Automatic Login

By default, your Senomix app is set to automatically connect to your account when you open your mobile sign-in screen. If you would prefer instead to enter your password manually and not have your password saved for your device, just set this option on and you will be left at your sign-in screen to provide that information on each system login.

Disable Screen Change Animations

If you would prefer that your Senomix application screens change immediately rather than with a smooth transition animation, just set this preference to Yes.

Disable Automatic Decimal

Your Senomix app is set to automatically add a decimal to your hours entries. If you would prefer to enter your decimal manually, just enable this option to remove the use of an automatic decimal from your time entry screen.

Change Password

This button opens the Change Password screen, within which you can change the password used to sign in to your account.

Change password

To change your password, just enter your old and new passwords where prompted and tap the Save toolbar button to update your record.