Timesheets for Mobile Devices
2.0 - Signing in to Senomix Timesheets

The mobile app login process for Senomix is much the same as for your desktop applications. Each user connects with their assigned email address username and password, with your office's Senomix account name (or, for self-installed systems, your office's server IP address) provided for login.

If your office does not yet have a Senomix account you can sign up for a free trial from the link provided on your sign-in screen:

Senomix sign in

Once your login information has been entered, your app will remember your settings and automatically connect you to your server the next time you open your app. If you would prefer to disable your automatic login and enter your password by hand, you can turn that option off in your Settings screen.

The email username and password to enter for your sign-in will be those entered for you by your Senomix administrative user (or, for your first sign-in, the email and password provided when creating your trial).

Once you have entered your Senomix Username, Password and Account, tap the green "Sign In" button or type on your device's enter key to sign in.

Self-Installed System Login

If your office is running a self-installed version of Senomix Timesheets (where the server and client applications are installed and operated on your own office network), the value to enter for your Senomix account will be the IP address of your office's router or internet access point (as described in the installation guide for your self-installed system), preceded with "s:". For example, if the IP address of your office's internet access point was, you would enter "s:" as the value for your Senomix Account.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions about signing in to your Senomix account from your mobile device, please contact us at support@senomix.com. We'll be happy to help!

Please Note

Modern phones and tablets are miniature computers and, like all computers,
can become unstable if left powered on without rebooting for long periods of time.

If you find your phone or tablet is becoming unstable
please take a moment to clear your device's memory by fully powering off
and rebooting your device.

You can power off your phone or tablet by holding your device's power button
for five seconds and following the instructions which appear on-screen.