Timesheets for Mobile Devices
1.0 - Introduction to Senomix for Mobile Devices

The mobile version of Senomix Timesheets can be used with your Android, iPhone, iPad, or other current handheld device. System screens will be resized to accommodate your device or computer's screen size, with available space and displayed timesheet columns varying according to your device's specifications.

For simplicity in this guide, all screens after this section will be shown as they appear on an iPad tablet computer. The functionality provided on other devices will be the same as that shown for the iPad, with layouts changed to suit the screen space available to you.

For example, a timesheet will appear as follows on an Apple iPad:

Senomix iPad timesheet

The header and footer elements on each screen can be shown or hidden with a double-tap to your device's background. This can be helpful for smaller screens, such as the Apple iPhone 5, which is shown here with the header and footer temporarily hidden for ease of use:

Senomix iPhone timesheet

Screens can be displayed in both Landscape and Portrait orientation for your iPad, iPhone or Android device. For example, the timesheet shown above will appear as follows on iPad when rotated to Portrait mode:

Senomix iPad timesheet portrait

You'll find that some devices only have enough screen space available to display a few of the days on a timesheet week. In the examples above, the iPad in portrait mode shows four of the seven days of the week, and the iPhone can display only a single day's column. For both screens, the hidden day columns can be viewed by swiping your device screen left or right in order to change the column of focus.

Whenever your app needs you to wait while it communicates with your server, a wait spinner will be displayed in the middle of your screen. Similarly, when your app has completed a save action, it will inform you of the save success with an on-screen checkmark:

Senomix iPad timesheet saved

To dismiss that confirmation checkmark, just tap your device's screen.