Guide for Time and Expense Entry
3.9 - Expense Claim Detail Screen

Your expense claim detail screen allows you to review the contents of a saved expense claim. The screen is reached through your expense claim list by clicking the "Details" toolbar button, with the detail screen then showing the contents of the expense claim which was selected from the list.

expense claim detail screen

The buttons and fields provided on this screen are nearly identical to those on the expense claim entry screen, with the differences being in the screen toolbar, which contains the buttons:


Exits the screen and returns you to the main menu screen.


Exits the screen and returns you to the screen from which the expense claim detail was opened.

Get Printable

Creates a print-ready expense claim in a separate web page or in Microsoft Excel (as set in your system settings).

Edit Claim /

If enabled, transitions your expense claim into editable mode, allowing you to make changes and save your record.


Opens a new web page displaying help for your current screen.

If the displayed expense claim is not approved and locked from editing, the "Edit Claim" button can be clicked to transition the record to editable mode. For example, clicking the edit button on the expense claim shown above would transition it to this editable record:

expense claim detail screen shifted to editable

As with creating a new expense claim, you can change the edited expense claim's contents and save it to record your adjustments.

If a project, activity or task shown in the expense claim has been inactivated by an administrator, that billing code will still be displayed in your expense claim detail screen. When shifted to editable mode, that project, activity or task will only be available for viewing for the expense claim entry for which it appears. An inactivated code will not be available for selection in new expense claim rows.