Guide for Time and Expense Entry
3.3.2 - Assigning a Timestamp to Recorded Hours

If you have set your "Timestamp on Stopwatch Start/Stop" application Setting to "On":

timestamp setting on

A timestamp will be automatically recorded for you in the comment text for your recorded time whenever your stopwatch is started or stopped. For example, if your stopwatch timestamp preference was enabled, a timestamp like the following start stamp would be displayed when editing the comment for your active stopwatch session:

stopwatch comment with start timestamp

Comments can be added after the timestamp as you would like:

stopwatch comment with start timestamp and text

Then, once you have halted your stopwatch to end your time tracking session, a second timestamp would be applied to indicate the time at which your recording session was stopped:

stopwatch comment with start and stop timestamps

If your stopwatch session was resumed later that day, additional start and stop timestamps would be appended to your comment text to track that time, as with this example of revisiting the above work for an additional five minutes:

stopwatch comment with additional timestamps

As with other time sheet comments, stopwatch timestamps will be assigned only to the hours related to the project work being recorded, with distinct timestamps added for different work on different days. The comments created by these timestamps can also be viewed or printed by creating a Timesheet Comments report.

If your Senomix account has been set by your manager to have "Stopwatch Access Only", timestamps will always be saved in your timesheet comments, but the text will not be available for your review or editing.