Guide for Time and Expense Entry

3.2.7 - Adjusting Timesheet Rows

Your time entry rows can be moved up or down your timesheet grid to re-order your record by using the ▲ ▼ Move Up / Down buttons provided at the lower-left corner of your timesheet screen:

move row up or down buttons

To re-arrange the position of a row on your timesheet, just select the timesheet line you would like to move and then click the appropriate up or down button to shift your line's position.

You can also change the position of your timesheet lines on Windows (but not Mac) using your keyboard by typing ctrl-up or ctrl-down with your keyboard cursor keys.

Please Note: As mentioned under the "Setting Defaults" section above, your time sheet rows will always be re-arranged to match any default layout you may have saved. If you would like your timesheet row adjustments to apply to all entered timesheets, be sure to either save a new default layout for your timesheet to match your selected row ordering, or clear your timesheet default layout to ensure your record will not be re-sorted the next time you use your timesheet screen.