Guide for Time and Expense Entry
3.2.6 - Rounding Timesheet Hours

If your office has an increment set for hours rounding (as specified in the Settings screen of your Administration application), your "Round Entries" button will be enabled at the bottom of your timesheet:

round hours button

When clicked (and after your confirmation), this button will round all hours displayed on your timesheet up to the nearest increment specified for your office rounding, which can be set as one of five, six, ten, fifteen or thirty minutes.

For example, if your office had set hours rounding to be the nearest fifteen minutes and your timesheet appeared as follows after a day of using your stopwatch timer:

time sheet after a day of stopwatch timer use

Clicking the "Round Entries" button would prompt you for confirmation:

timesheet with hours rounding prompt

With a click of "Yes" on that message providing the following result:

timesheet with rounded hours

As shown, all time entries are automatically rounded up on this timesheet to the nearest 15 minutes (0.25 of an hour). For example, in the timesheet above, 0.1 hours have been noted for GUI Design. On rounding, this figure is adjusted upwards to the minimum billing increment for this office of 0.25 hours.