Guide for Time and Expense Entry
3.2.5 - Setting Defaults

If you find you are entering the same or similar information when tracking your time each week, you can save your timesheet layout to preset your selections by clicking the "Set as Default" toolbar button.

After that button has been clicked, a confirmation message will appear:

timesheet defaults set

Indicating that the defaults for your time sheet have been set to your displayed project, activity, task and billable selections. Using the example timesheet entered above, when your office's week ending date changed to the next week, those defaults would present you with the following preset blank record when you re-entered your time sheet:

timesheet blank with defaults

If only some time sheet lines in your preset defaults were required for a given week, you could ignore the unneeded billing codes and just enter time only where needed. For example, if the following hours were saved in the blank timesheet provided above:

entered time sheet using defaults

Your timesheet would be saved and appear in your system database as follows:

saved time sheet with defaults

But would be displayed in your weekly timesheet entry screen using your saved default layout:

entered time sheet using defaults

Although only the billing codes of interest to you will have been saved to your system server, your default layout will remain in place throughout the week to allow your tracking of time over multiple days.

Any billing codes which are not a part of your preset defaults will be displayed immediately following your default template. This ensures you will always be shown a consistent layout for your default timesheet towards the top of your record:

items apart from defaults will be shown at bottom

To reset your default layout back to an empty time sheet: Clear all billing code selections from your timesheet screen (by clicking the "Clear" toolbar button) and then click the "Set as Default" button for your empty screen. This will set your default layout to be a blank time sheet once again.