Guide for Time and Expense Entry
3.2.3 - Adding Timesheet Comments

To attach a comment to a time sheet entry, select the hours field of interest and either click the "Add Comment" toolbar button or type the "Enter" key (if using Windows Internet Explorer, the Enter key is not available for this option). A Comment Entry dialog box for your selected hours will then be displayed:

time sheet comment entry

Up to 5,000 characters can be added to a time tracking comment, with each hours entry of your time sheet able to hold a comment of its own.

Comments can be used to provide whatever additional information you would like to save. For example, if you discovered that an additional billing code would be helpful for a project, that detail could be provided in an attached timesheet comment:

added time sheet comment

To apply your comment to the selected time sheet entry, click the "Ok" button on the dialog box or use the key combination ctrl-Enter to close the dialog. Once the comment has been added to the entry, the hours field will be coloured a light-green shade to indicate that there is associated text:

time sheet with comment added

That text can be read by opening the comment dialog box again, or by viewing the tool tip text displayed when holding your mouse cursor over the timesheet entry field of interest:

timesheet comment text

Timesheet comments can also be viewed in a Comments report created either by clicking the "Get Comments" button on your read-only timesheet details screen, or by creating a Comments report in your Administration application.

To remove a comment from a time sheet entry, open your Comment Entry dialog box and clear the comment text either by deleting the text or using the "Clear" button provided in the dialog. Once all text has been removed from the Comment Entry dialog, click the "Ok" button to apply the change and clear the comment from your selected time entry.

If your office uses the QuickBooks accounting package and you would prefer a certain Timesheet Comment not be transferred to QuickBooks on your office's time export, add the text "noqb" to either the start or end of the comment to flag it as non-exportable. This flagging text is case-insensitive and so can be entered as NOQB, NoQb, noqb, etc. as suits your preferences. For example, the following comment would not be included as a QuickBooks Note when a QuickBooks Export was created for your office:

timesheet comment not exported to quickbooks