Guide for Time and Expense Entry
3.2.1 - Selecting a Project, Activity or Task

When clicking a project, activity or task selection on any screen in your Senomix application, a billing code selector screen will be displayed for you which shows the current selection for your billing code group, along with a list of the options available to you should you wish to change your selection:

time tracking billing code selector

Your currently selected project, activity and task are displayed in the header area of your selector dialog:

code selector header

In the example shown here, the "Widget Co. Project" project, "Analysis" activity and "Client Interviews" task are indicating as being the current selection.

Beneath the header, a list of available projects, activities or tasks will be shown, with the type of items shown depending upon the field you clicked to open your selector. For example, if the Task selector was clicked on the following timesheet row:

clicking timesheet task field

The list of available tasks would be shown to you, with your currently selected task shown in your dialog's header and the chosen row highlighted:

task selector with documentation selected

You can move between projects, activities and tasks by using the buttons provided at the lower-left corner of your dialog. For example, if clicking the "◀ Activities" button in the dialog shown above, the list of parent activities would be made available for your selection:

activities selector

And a click of the "◀ Projects" button from the activities list would bring you to your full list of available projects:

projects selector

To select a project and view its available activities, just double-click the row of interest to you, or click the row and then click the "Activities ▶" button. In the same way, you can select an activity and see its available tasks by clicking the "Tasks ▶" button:

tasks for analysis activity

To select your chosen project, activity and task billing codes and return to your timesheet, either accept your task with a double-click of the listing table row, or click the green "Select" button to set your displayed billing code choice as your selection. For example, selecting the "Screen Mock-ups" option as shown above would result in your timesheet row billing code updating as follows:

timesheet line with task selection

You can also choose to leave your project, activity or task as blank by selecting the "[NONE]" option provided at the top of each item list. For example, if you wanted to have a timesheet row which only noted the "Analysis" activity as work for the "Widget Co. Project", you would select the "[NONE]" task in the list of available tasks:

task selector tracking none

Resulting in the task remaining blank on your timesheet line:

timesheet line with none selection

You can also get the same result by clicking the green "Select" button from your activity selector, avoiding the task selection list entirely.

Each selector screen is provided with a "Search" field which you can use to find billing codes of interest to you. If your project selection list contains many options, you can use that search field to bring immediate focus to the item you're seeking. Just type the word or project code of interest to you, and the first matching row will be selected in your list:

code selector search

The project/activity/task code attribute can also be set for display with your listed projects, activities and tasks, listing your items by project number or internal billing code (however your office has chosen to use your project/activity/task code attributes):

code selector projects with project code

Project, activity and task codes can be set on and off for display in your Settings screen as suits your preference, and will be shown in your timesheet to fit your selection:

time tracking with project codes

When selecting projects, activities and tasks, you can also use your keyboard to navigate up and down your billing code selection list, with the up/down/left/right cursor keys used to select an option or move to a parent or child list of items. The "Enter" key will select your chosen item, and the "Esc" key will cancel your selection and close the selector dialog, returning you to your timesheet.