Guide for Time and Expense Entry
3.11 - Time Estimates Screen

Your time estimates screen allows you to record the estimated amount of time which you believe your work will require for completion.

This information can be used to plan upcoming work and inform your manager of points of concern. The collected effort hours can also be used by a manager to generate estimates vs. actual reports through your Administration and Reports applications, providing an overview of tracked time and project work accomplished vs. the amount of time estimated to remain for outstanding work.

senomix time estimates

The buttons and fields provided on this screen are as follows:


Exits the screen and returns you to the main menu screen.


Exits the screen and returns you to the screen from which the time estimates screen was opened.


Clears all estimates from the screen.

Please Note: Saving a cleared screen of estimates will remove all of your recorded estimates from your system.

Get Printable

Creates a print-ready listing of your entered time estimates.


Saves the displayed time estimates, updating your information on your Senomix server.


Opens a new web page displaying help for your current screen.


The column of project billing codes used for your time estimates.


The column of activity billing codes used for your time estimates.


The column of task billing codes used for your time estimates.


The number of hours to be applied to the provided project, activity and task as a time estimate.

It is this value which is used to generate the employee estimates shown through your office's Administration application.


A text comment used to provide additional information for a time estimate.

Move Row Up / Down
▲ / ▼

The Up/Down arrow ▲ / ▼ buttons located at the bottom-left corner of the screen can be used to move a selected estimate entry row up or down the estimates list, enabling you to re-order your record's lines.

Your time estimates are entered much like your timesheet entries, with a project, activity and task level of precision chosen for the billing code of interest to you, an hours value provided to give your "estimate to complete" and a comment to provide further detail about the time to be tracked. You can add as many time estimates as you would like, with each estimate uniquely identified by the project, activity and task provided.

The hours noted for each of your estimate entries should represent your personal "best guess" estimate for the amount of time (in hours) you believe will be required to complete the work indicated. Each employee's estimates are included in your Senomix database and can be used by your manager to compare estimated hours against actual time tracked to date to identify potential project bottlenecks or schedule conflicts.

Your estimate screen always displays the latest estimates for your work, with historical information overwritten whenever you save your latest estimate information.

Estimates can be saved as many times as you would like and should be updated with your project team on a regular schedule to ensure your manager remains aware of any issues related to the work to be completed.

Please Note: If you save an empty estimates screen (after clicking the "Clear" toolbar button), all of your estimates will be deleted from the system database. You should only save an empty estimates screen if you wish to clear all of your time tracking estimates.