Getting Started with Time Entry
3.0 - Using Senomix Timesheets - Next Steps

At this point, you have learned how to log in to your time entry application, enter your weekly timesheet, and save your timesheet to your office's Senomix Timesheets Server. Many other options are available for the entry, editing and review of your timesheet information, such as the automatic recording of time with your Senomix Stopwatch:

stopwatch timer screen

When using your stopwatch timer, please do keep your computer powered on and connected to your computer network while the timer is recording your work. The stopwatch timer will not be able to record your time if your computer is turned off.

Expense claims can also be entered much like your weekly timesheets:

senomix expense claim

Information about these options is provided in your Time Entry Users Guide. That guide (and all other system guides) is available for your review on your Documentation page at:

Detailed descriptions of all system screens can be found in your user guides, with a quick reference also provided on your How Do I..? page at:

Your How Do I..? page provides step by step instructions for many common system functions such as saving a timesheet, reviewing timesheets from past weeks, and submitting expense claims.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions while learning to use your new system, you can contact us by e-mail at or call us at our Toronto office during (North American Eastern Time) office hours to speak directly with someone familiar with your system.

Our phone number, email addresses and an online contact form can be reached through the Contact page of our web site:

We hope you find Senomix Timesheets a helpful addition to your office and welcome any suggestions you might have as to how your system can better serve you in the future.