Getting Started with Administration
8.0 - Setting Your Office Week Ending Date

To ensure your Senomix system matches the calendar of your office, you will want to set the week ending date of your timesheets to match your own office's week ending day.

Starting at your Main Menu screen again, click the "Configuration" button:

Senomix admin main config

This will open your Configuration Sub-Menu screen:

Senomix admin main settings

On that screen, click the "Settings" button. This will open your Settings screen:

Senomix admin settings screen

From your Settings screen, click the "Week Ending Date" button. This will open your Week Ending Date Administration screen:

Senomix week ending date screen

This screen displays the date which your system will set as the end of your timesheet week. When the "Auto-Update" checkbox is clicked on, your system will automatically move forward to the next timesheet week once the displayed date has passed. So, once you have set the end of your week in Senomix, your system can be left to manage itself.

If your office's timesheet week ends on a Friday, no changes are necessary: You will see your system is already set to your current timesheet week.

If your office's timesheet week ends on a day other than a Friday, you will want to set your system to reflect your office's timesheet week. To do this, click the "New Date" field and select your office's week end day for the current week. For example, if your office's timesheet week end falls on a Saturday, you would want to select the date for the upcoming Saturday in your date selector:

Select week ending date

After selecting the week ending date for your current timesheet week, you will see the "New Date" field set to your selected day:

New week ending date

With your timesheet week ending date set, click the "Save" toolbar button. After clicking that button, a confirmation prompt will be shown:

Confirm new date

After confirming you have set the correct week end day for your office, click "Yes". A confirmation popup will then be shown:

Week ending changed

Your office's week ending date has now been set, and you will not need to use your Week Ending Date Administration screen again. You can close your confirmation popup by clicking anywhere on your screen.

Your Senomix Timesheets System is now ready to accept timesheets for your office.