Getting Started with Administration
3.0 - Adding a User to Senomix

With your own user account updated, we'll now add a new user account to enable another person in your office to enter time.

To prepare your User Administration screen for a new record, click the "New" button:

Admin new button

After clicking the "New" button, your screen will be cleared to allow you to enter your new user account's details:

New user screen

Screen items highlighted with a blue background must be entered, and all other items are optional. To add your new user account, just enter the person's details and click the "Save" button on your screen's toolbar.

For example, user account details for Grace Hopper could be entered:

New user with details entered

With the "Save" button clicked to add her account to the system:

New user saved

Once a user record has been created for an employee, that person can then connect to your office's Senomix system to record their time and expenses. Note that after clicking the "Save" button to add the new user to your system, the user record will appear in the table window at the bottom of your screen, and the screen will be cleared to allow you to enter another user. To select the record just entered, you can click the table window row to bring that user up for review and editing.

Quick Tip

To allow a system user to approve the timesheets of other employees from the Timesheet
Entry application, you can assign users to their scope of responsibility using
the "Assigned Users" button on this screen.

You can also limit the projects which an employee can view on their timesheets
and expense claims by using the "Assigned Projects" button.

Other items of interest for this screen can be found in your Senomix
Administration Application User Guide.

You have now learned how to edit your own Senomix user account and add user accounts for other employees in your office. We're now ready to start adding your office's Projects to the system.

Before we move on to that though, we'll review the way in which Projects, Activities, Tasks and Project Templates relate to each other within your system.