Getting Started with Administration
2.0 - Updating a User in Senomix Timesheets

After you have logged in to your Senomix Administration application, you can reach your User Administration screen by clicking the "User Admin" button located at the top of your screen's button bar:

Senomix admin main menu

After opening your screen, you will see your own user account listed along with three other example accounts created to provide sample timesheet data for Ada, Marie and Johannes. To bring up your own user account for editing, click your record's row in your screen's table window:

Senomix admin user screen

The user information shown will be the values you provided when signing up for your Senomix Timesheets trial. The "Employee No" is set to a default of "EMPNO_01", and the first thing we'll do is update your user account to replace that item and provide your actual employee number.

To change your Senomix user account's employee number, just edit the text displayed on your screen. For example, we'll change Geoff's account here to have an employee number of "EMP-MN-01":

Senomix admin user screen employee number changed

After changing your employee number text, the green "Save" button will be enabled to allow you to save your changes. After clicking that button:

Senomix admin save button

Your changes will be saved, with your user record updated on your office's Senomix server.

Other items can also be updated on your user record in a similar manner. For example, we can add an email address and expected Hours Per Week value to Geoff's account to help in reporting and sending of automatic timesheet reminder messages:

User account with email added

After clicking the "Save" button, those changes will also be stored in the system database.