Administration Guide
4.3 - QuickBooks No Export Of Timesheet Comments

What is the configuration file named?


When would I use this configuration file?

If your office does not want to have Timesheet Comments from Senomix exported to QuickBooks as Timesheet Notes.

What does this configuration file do?

If the no_qb_notes_export.txt file is present in your Server's \st_conf directory, Senomix will not include Timesheet Comments in your time export whenever you create a data export report for QuickBooks. The file serves as a flag to indicate to the system that comments should never be exported.

What is the layout of this configuration file?

No data needs to be placed into this text file. The presence of the file alone serves as a flag to indicate that comments are never to be exported to QuickBooks as Timesheet Notes.

How do I configure this preference setting?

Create a file named no_qb_notes_export.txt in your Server's \st_conf directory. The file can contain any text or no text at all -- it is simply the presence of this file which indicates to Senomix that you do not want comments to be exported to QuickBooks.

Once this flag file has been put in place, any QuickBooks Export reports created by Senomix will exclude Timesheet Comments from your exported data for QuickBooks.