Administration Guide
4.2 - QuickBooks Timesheet Line Blanking

What is the configuration file named?


When would I use this configuration file?

If your office has work items which are normally represented as a blank line in a QuickBooks timesheet, with no selected Customer:Job, Service Item or Class. For example, if recording a general administration activity with no billable customer, as with the following highlighted line:

quickbooks timesheet with blank line

What does this configuration file do?

The qb_blank_timesheet_lines.txt file identifies the Senomix projects, activities and tasks which will be transferred to QuickBooks with a blank Customer:Job, Service Item or Class.

What is the layout of this configuration file?

Each line of the qb_blank_timesheet_lines.txt file identifies the QuickBooks Timesheet attributes which are to be blanked out for a given Senomix project, activity and task combination for one or all employees. Each line of the data file is written in the format:

[ User Id ] [tab] [ Proj. Id ] [tab] [ Activity Id ] [tab] [ Task Id ] [tab] [ Customer:Job ] [tab] [ Service Item ] [tab] [ Class ]

Where User Id is the employee's User Id as listed in Senomix, Proj. Id, Activity Id and Task Id are the corresponding Senomix project, activity and task Id values, and the individual "Customer:Job", "Service Item" and "Class" columns indicate how those values are to be displayed in QuickBooks (that is, whether they are to be blanked out or kept).

Id values for user, project, activity and task records can be found in the top-right corner of their respective Senomix administration screens.

Where 'all' employees, projects, activities or tasks will use the identified Payroll Item, the text 'all' will be used in place of a specific Id value (as described below).

How do I configure this preference setting?

First, open the file named qb_blank_timesheet_lines.txt (or, if the file is not present in your /st_conf directory, create it) in your computer's Windows Notepad or Mac OS X TextEdit text editor. The adjustments noted here will be made in that text file.

The 'Id' columns for identifying employees and project billing codes in the configuration file can either reference a specific Senomix user, project, activity or task by including the record's Id in that column, or they can reference all system users, projects, activities or tasks by placing the text 'all' in the column instead of a specific Id number. With the employee and billing code identified, the specific QuickBooks Timesheet columns to set as blank on time export can be identified by placing the text 'blank' in the corresponding Customer:Job, Service Item or Class columns.

For example, if all employees which billed time to the Senomix project named "General Administrative Work" were to have their corresponding timesheet lines blanked out in QuickBooks, and the "General Administrative Work" project had the Project Id value of 37 in Senomix, this entry would be made in the text file:

all [tab] 37 [tab] all [tab] all [tab] blank [tab] blank [tab] blank

So, all employees who billed time to any activity or task listed under the project with an Id number of 37 ("General Administrative Work" in this example) will have their corresponding QuickBooks timesheet lines set to have the Customer:Job, Service Item and Class columns be blank when their work hours are exported from Senomix.

Considering another example, if only Marie (with Senomix User Id of 2) was to have her timesheet lines blanked when working on the "General Administrative Work" project, the entry would instead be entered as:

2 [tab] 37 [tab] all [tab] all [tab] blank [tab] blank [tab] blank

So, any time recorded for the Project with Project Id 37 by the employee with User Id 2 will have their Customer:Job, Service Item and Class columns in their timesheet set to be blank when time is exported to QuickBooks.

Customizing Line-Blanking by Employee or Work Items

Most offices which blank timesheet lines for non-billable work will want to see each of the Customer:Job, Service Item and Class columns blanked at once when non-billable work is recorded. However, if you would like to see only one or two of those columns blanked, you can adjust the configuration file lines to keep the attributes you would like to see transferred to QuickBooks. This can be done by using the text 'keep' in the column of interest rather than 'blank', such as in this example:

all [tab] 37 [tab] all [tab] all [tab] keep [tab] keep [tab] blank

In this case, any time which is billed to the Project with Project Id 37 ("General Administrative Work" in the preceding example) will have its Customer:Job and Service Item noted in QuickBooks, but the Class attribute will be blanked out for those effort hours.

As with the Work-Specific Payroll Items discussed above, configurations can also be set to have QuickBooks timesheet lines blanked for only some employees, selected tasks within projects or to have different timesheet columns blanked out for different employees. For examples as to how you can set configuration lines for situations such as these, please refer to the examples provided in the preceding section.