Administration Guide
3.8.3 - Configuring QuickBooks Payroll Items

If you have non-salaried staff who will be recording time in your Senomix system, you can set the Payroll Items to apply to their work by entering that value in the "Payroll Item" attribute of their Senomix user account.

For project-by-project Payroll Items set for all or individual employees (for example, Payroll Items to apply for vacation time), configuration files can be set on the computer which hosts your office's Senomix Server. Once those configuration files have been set, the attributes noted for your data transfer will always be applied to your QuickBooks time exports.

Instructions for adjusting your Senomix configuration files to set QuickBooks employee Payroll Items can be found towards the end of this guide (in the section title "Server Configuration For Accounting Applications"). If you have employees registered as non-salaried staff in QuickBooks, we recommend reviewing that section and adjusting your configuration as appropriate before attempting to export your timesheet data to QuickBooks.

To configure payroll items for a hosted Senomix plan, or if you have any questions about adjusting payroll item configuration files for your QuickBooks data transfer, please do contact us at