Administration Guide
3.8.2 - Importing Customers, Service Items, Classes, Accounts and Vendors from QuickBooks

As described above, project information can be imported from your QuickBooks accounting package into your Senomix system, with those QuickBooks elements being registered as Senomix projects, activities, tasks, vendors and expense types.

To import your QuickBooks project information to your Senomix system (both for your initial system setup or to update your Senomix system to include items added to your QuickBooks application), you will want to follow these steps:

  1. In QuickBooks, select the menu option "File -> Utilities -> Export -> Lists to IIF Files..." to create an export file:

    Create employee export file in QuickBooks

    In the Export dialog box which appears, select the "Chart of Accounts", "Customer List", "Vendor List", "Class List" and "Item List" options and click the Ok button:

    QuickBooks export dialog for project information

    When the Ok button is clicked on your QuickBooks Export dialog box, a standard "Save As" dialog will appear for export:

    QuickBooks project save as dialog

    Identify a filename to which your project information is to be exported (such as the "Customers and Items.IIF" shown) and click the Save button. A confirmation message will then appear within QuickBooks to indicate that your project information was exported:

    QuickBooks export confirm

    Your QuickBooks project data is now ready to be imported into your Senomix system.

  2. In your Senomix system, open your project administration screen and click the "QuickBooks Import" button. Using the "File Open" dialog which appears, select the QuickBooks export file you created in the previous step and click the Open button:

    QuickBooks project file open

    Your QuickBooks project information will then be imported into your Senomix system, with a confirmation message appearing once your import has completed:

    QuickBooks project import complete

After clicking the "Ok" button on that dialog, all imported QuickBooks Customers, Service Items and Classes will now be available for viewing in your Senomix project, template, activity and task administration screens, with those items available for use in your system timesheets and expense claims. The imported accounts and vendors can similarly be reviewed in the expense type and vendor administration screens, with those items available for use in expense claim entry.

When you add new Customers, Service Items, Classes, Accounts and Vendors to QuickBooks, you can repeat these steps to import your changes into your Senomix system.