Administration Guide
3.6 - Create Timesheet Screen

Your create timesheet screen allows you to create a timesheet for an employee who may have missed time entry for a past week.

Since timesheet records are automatically created whenever a user saves their time, and since past and future timesheets can be created by employees by moving forward or back in weeks from their timesheet screen, this screen should only be needed in exceptional situations (such as if a timesheet was noticed to be missing for a week ending date many months in the past).

This screen is reached from your user administration screen:

administration create timesheet screen

The buttons and fields provided on this screen as follows:


Exits the screen and returns you to your main menu.


Exits the screen and returns you to your user administration screen.


Clears the week ending date field, allowing you to select a new date for timesheet creation.

Create Record

Creates a new timesheet for the selected employee using the week ending date provided.


Opens a new web page displaying help for your current screen.

Employee No.

Displays the employee number of the employee whose user account is selected.

Employee Name

Displays the name of the employee whose user account is selected.

Week Ending Date

Allows you to choose the week ending date for the timesheet to be created for the selected employee.

After selecting the week ending date for the timesheet you would like to create, click the Create Record button. You will then be prompted to confirm the week ending date of the timesheet to be created:

create timesheet confirmation prompt

After confirming the timesheet week ending date is correct, click the Yes button to create the missing record. Notice of the timesheet's successful creation will then be shown:

create timesheet confirmed

If a timesheet already exists for your chosen user and week ending date, your new record creation will be blocked. If your intended timesheet already exists, you will want to examine that record through your timesheet administration screen rather than attempting to create it here.