Administration Guide
3.33 - Week Ending Date Administration Screen

Your week ending date administration screen allows you to set the day of the week on which your office's timesheet week end falls. Your week ending date will always be displayed as the rightmost column of your office's timesheets.

The auto-update option (which is set On by default) will automatically move your office's week ending date forward at midnight of your current week ending day. Once you have set your week ending date, auto-update will automatically change your week for you.

After setting your Senomix system's first week ending date for your office, you should never need to set the date again. To help ensure your office's data integrity, this screen will be blocked from access once your system has moved from a trial period to production use.

This screen is reached from your administration settings screen:

week ending date screen

The buttons and fields provided on this screen as follows:


Exits the screen and returns you to your main menu screen.


Exits the screen and returns you to your settings screen.


Saves your displayed week ending date and auto-update option.


Opens a new web page displaying help for your current screen.

Current Date

Displays the date which is your office's current timesheet week ending date.

New Date

Allows you to select the date to which you would like to change your office's timesheet week end.

Auto Update

A checkbox which indicates whether your timesheet week ending date should automatically move forward to the next week when midnight strikes at that day's end (On), or if your timesheet week ending date is to be manually changed through this screen each week (Off).

It is recommended that auto update be left On to ensure your office's timesheets are always set to display for the current week.

Auto update must be left on if email reminders are to be sent for your office (automated email reminders for incomplete timesheets are sent the moment your office's week ending date changes).

After selecting a new week ending date and clicking the Save toolbar button, you will be prompted to confirm your week ending date selection:

week ending date confirmation prompt

After clicking Yes on that confirmation message, your office's week ending date will be changed to the date you have chosen:

week ending date changed