Administration Guide
3.29 - Vendor Administration Screen

Your vendor administration screen allows you to create and edit vendor records for use in assigning expense claims to a particular supplier of goods or services.

Vendors can be manually entered and edited in this screen, or they can be imported directly from QuickBooks by following the instructions provided in Section 3.8.2 of this guide under the heading "QuickBooks Customer, Service Item, Class, Account and Vendor Import". If your office has integrated Senomix Timesheets with QuickBooks, any changes made to vendor records should be made in QuickBooks and then be imported into Senomix Timesheets (this screen should not be used to maintain QuickBooks Vendor records).

This screen is reached from your other items sub-menu.

vendor administration screen

The buttons and fields provided on this screen are as follows:


Exits the screen and returns you to your main menu.


Exits the screen and returns you to your other items sub-menu.


Clears the screen to prepare it for entering a new vendor.


Saves to your database any changes made to the displayed vendor.


Deletes the displayed vendor from your database.


Selects the previous vendor displayed in the screen's table window.


Selects the next vendor displayed in the screen's table window.


Opens a new web page displaying help for your current screen.

Vendor Name

The name given to the selected vendor record.


A checkbox used to indicate whether the selected vendor is active and available for use in system expense claims.

Vendor Id

Displays the system-assigned id of the selected vendor.

Last Update User

Displays the username of the individual who last updated the selected vendor.

Last Update Date

Displays the date on which the selected vendor was last updated.