Administration Guide
3.19 - Expense Claim Detail Screen

Your expense claim detail screen allows you to review the contents of an employee expense claim and create a printable copy of the record for signature.

If the expense claim has not been noted as being approved, the "Edit Claim" button will be enabled, allowing you to change the record's contents. If the record is approved and locked from further edits, the button will instead be disabled and noted as being "Locked".

The "Paid" checkbox may be used to indicate whether or not an expense claim has been paid to an employee for reimbursement. That checkbox may be changed (in the admin application only) when the expense claim is set to an editable state.

This screen is reached from your expense claim administration screen after selecting an expense claim record and clicking the "Details" toolbar button to review its contents.

expense claim detail screen

The buttons and fields provided on this screen are the same as those available in the expense claim detail screen of your time and expense entry application.