Administration Guide
3.13.1 - Interactive Chart Options

Each of your pie and area charts provide interactive options to refine your data display. You can interact with each by clicking your charts, labels, and legend items.

Pie Chart Drilldown

Detail pie charts provide options for data drilldown, allowing you to view the items which make up the quantities and amounts shown for a particular pie chart slice.

For example, clicking the Quality Assurance activity in the corresponding slice of this pie chart:

pie chart drilldown start

Will show the associated tasks which make up that selected activity:

pie chart drilldown

You can then return to the project-level chart by clicking the "< Back" button provided in the chart's upper-right corner.

Area Chart Item Show/Hide

You can choose to hide or show items included in your area chart display by clicking the corresponding legend label for that item. For example, within this area chart for All Projects covering the time period of August 1st through to September 30th, 2014:

Area chart example

Clicking the legend item for "Widget Co. Project" will set the text colour to grey and remove those hours from the chart's output:

Area chart hide example

Allowing you to see how the other chart elements interact without those hours present.

Area Chart Zoom

If a particular region of an area chart is of interest to you, you can click and drag your mouse pointer to select that region:

Chart area selection

Which will present your selected area in a zoomed chart:

Area chart zoom

To return to the full-sized chart, click the "Reset Zoom" button displayed in the top-right corner of your zoomed chart.