Administration Guide
3.13 - Chart Review Screen

Your chart review screen displays the charts created for your system reports and is shown whenever chart output has been requested.

chart review screen

The buttons and fields provided on this screen are as follows:


Exits the screen and returns you to your main menu.


Exits the screen and returns you to your create report screen.


Opens a new web page displaying help for your current screen.

Chart Filter Overview

An information area displayed at the top of your charts outlining the type of charts shown along with the filter criteria used to obtain the data.

This will show the date range of your displayed chart data, along with any other filtering for projects, user groups, project groups, etc. which you have specified.

Each chart corresponds with a system report, allowing you to visualize in a pie or stacked area chart the numeric data created from your project time, billing and expenses. If you would like to view your reports and charts at the same time, you can create a report in a new window, and then create the appropriate charts for a visual overview of your data.

Each set of charts relates to your system reports as follows:

Senomix Report Matching Chart
Work in Progress Work Overview
Work and Billing Billing Overview
Billable vs. Non-Billable Hours Billable vs. Non-Billable Hours
Billable vs. Non-Billable Amounts Billable vs. Non-Billable Amounts
Project Effort Project Effort Overview
Project Effort Summary Project Effort Overview (All Projects chart)
Project Billing Project Billing Overview
Project Billing Summary Project Billing Overview (All Projects chart)
Employee Effort Employee Effort Overview
Employee Billing Employee Billing Overview
Expense Claim Item Listing
(positive and non-zero items only)
Expense Claim Overview

For example, if you created a Work in Progress report for a particular range of dates, project groups and employees, a Work Overview chart created with the same report filter would give you a pie chart visualization of that exact report data.

Each set of chart output will display a 'grand total' chart showing values for all projects or employees referenced in the chart output, followed by detail charts which show the projects, employees, etc. which relate to the chart grand total.

You can print the web page containing your chart review screen to obtain a paper copy of all charts as they are shown, or you can choose to print or save individual charts from your screen by using the widget provided when using the Enable Chart Save option on your create report screen. Once a chart has been saved, you can include it in any external reports or presentations you may care to prepare.

Please Note: The expense claim overview chart only includes expense claim information which has a positive or non-zero value. So, negative-value entries provided to note received expense claim reimbursements, or zero-value entries noted to provide a record of zero-cost items will not be included in your expense chart output.