Administration Guide
3.1 - Main Menu Screen

After you have signed in to your account, you will be brought to your Administration application's Main Menu:

Senomix administration main menu screen

All functionality for your administration application can be reached through this screen, with the available options to be found in the button bar at the screen's right-hand side. These buttons have the following functionality:

User Admin

Opens your User Administration screen, allowing you to add or edit user accounts.

Project Admin

Opens your Project Administration screen, allowing you to add or edit projects.

Create Report

Opens your Create Report screen, allowing you to create system reports.

Review Records

Opens your Review Records screen, from which you can retrieve timesheet and expense claim records for review, approval or editing.


Opens your Configuration Sub-Menu screen, from which you can define project and user groups for reporting, adjust system settings, or open another menu to adjust your system's taxes, expense types and vendors, as well as copy a project's contents or reassign billing codes applied to a particular project.


Opens the About screen for your application, providing information about your system's version and registration.

Sign Out

Signs you out of your Senomix Administration session.


Opens a new web page displaying help for your current screen.