Administration Guide
1.1.1 - Project Templates

The activities and tasks of Senomix projects can be managed through one or more project template records. A project template is a special type of project whose activities and tasks can be assigned to one or more different projects but is not referenced directly as a project itself.

When a project template's activity and task records are changed, the changes made to that template will apply immediately to all projects assigned to use it. This provides you with a centralized way to manage the activity and task options for dozens, hundreds or thousands of projects at once without requiring numerous edits to each project affected by a billing code change.

For example, if the inventory tracking project described above had been created as a project template and assigned to a few dozen projects, the changes made to the Development - Data Export task would be applied to all projects at once without any other changes needed.

Showing this in a diagram, project templates allow multiple projects to 'point to' the same, single set of activities and tasks:

project template

Whereas a set of standard projects (often created through a project copy action) will each have their own set of individual activity and task records:

standard projects

Although the activities and tasks are still named identically after performing a project copy, each set of billing codes are created and edited independently (which can make the management of your Senomix projects more difficult over time). To avoid this, project templates should be used in place of 'project copy' whenever possible.