Simplify Your Office's Time and Expense Collection

Senomix Timesheets provides an easy way to track billing time right from your office's Windows and Mac computers or from your Android, iPad, iPhone or other mobile devices.

Whether your staff are located in the same building, connecting in from the internet, or linking with a phone or tablet, Senomix's fast time entry screen, expense recording, and automatic stopwatch provide an easy way to track your billable time and record project expenses.

Here's how you can use it:

Timesheet Entry screen
Let staff enter hours
in a Timesheet
Time tracking for iPhone and Android
Connect in from phone, tablet, desktop or laptop
Senomix Stopwatch Time Tracker
Or automatically track time with a Stopwatch
Activity Administration screen
Projects can be
defined as you like
QuickBooks Data Import
Or you can import your settings from QuickBooks
With simplified time and expense tracking,
Senomix Timesheets then lets you:
A Billable vs. Non-Billable report for the Widget Co. Project
Easily track
billable and
non-billable work
An Estimate Variance report for the Widget Co. Project
project schedules with
estimate variance reports
Effort summary generated from timesheet data
Track project hours
with effort summaries
Progress report showing a breakdown of effort
Compare estimates
and actuals
with progress reports
A listing of timesheet comments
See the full story
with timesheet comments
A listing of employee work estimates
Spot potential bottlenecks
with work estimates
A billing summary created from effort hours and designated rates
Target project revenue
with billing summaries
Task summary generated from timesheet records
Follow team effort
with task reviews
Invoice Report for the Widget Co. Project
Generate invoices

Export time to Excel,
MYOB Accounting,

...and more!
All Starting From One Simple Screen
Timesheet Entry screen

Senomix provides your office with simple time tracking software which can be deployed without technical training or contract staff.

Why not see for yourself? You can sign up for a 30-day free trial of Senomix Timesheets in just one minute.

Try Senomix Timesheets Free

Then Make That Data Work For You

After collecting effort hours and project expenses, Senomix Timesheets simplifies the management of your office's time tracking and expense data by turning raw numbers into information you can use.

In addition to providing informative reports, here are some of the ways Senomix Timesheets can help you and your office day-to-day:

Create reports in Microsoft Excel
Create all reports
right in Microsoft Excel
Enter Expense Claims
Track project expenses
and employee
expense claims
Export Time and Comments to QuickBooks
Export time and
comments to
Export Expenses to QuickBooks
Export expenses to
QuickBooks Vendor Bills
Consolidate work in Project Groups
Examine work
of interest with
Project Groups
Send timesheet reminder e-mails automatically
Automatically send
reminder e-mails
Account for project time with timesheet comments
Get project briefings
with timesheet comments
Estimate Entry screen
Improve project planning
with staff effort estimates
Track time and project progress
Follow work progress
without staff meetings
Let staff create their own reports
Let staff check their
own work, estimates
and vacation
Project templates to manage timesheets
Easily manage
similar work with
Project Templates
Activity administration for timesheets
Or configure
distinct projects
as you need them
Mixed platforms?
No problem!
Timesheet Entry screen on Macintosh OS X
Senomix Timesheets
is ready to use with
Macintosh OS X
Connect with phones and tablets
Connect with iPad, iPhone, Android and other mobile platforms
So, where do I start?

Your Getting Started Guides will introduce you to Senomix Timesheets and walk you through the process of setting up the system in your office.

The full System Documentation will give details you'll want later, and if you have any questions you can always contact us.

Now we can keep track of project costing much easier than previously which makes it very valuable for us, both from a project efficiency standpoint and estimating on new projects.
P. Schonning
Polyhistor International, Inc.
Florida, United States