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senomix timesheet software

Senomix Timesheets streamlines your office's time collection, billing and work analysis to reduce your administrative costs.

Put an end to chasing emailed spreadsheets by automating your time tracking with an easy, employee-friendly system which you can start using in minutes.

Get Your Answers in Seconds

Simplify your time collection with a timesheet software package which delivers the answers your business needs.

Ready to use with Microsoft Office Excel®

Reduce your administrative workload
and find out exactly how your office time is spent.

Senomix Timesheets gives project-directed offices a simple tool for the collection of effort hours.

Joining employees through your company's network or the internet, Senomix installs in minutes to allow in-office and remote employees to enter time as if they were working from the same location.

Integrating with Microsoft® Office Excel®, Senomix Timesheets can be used like a weekly paper timesheet or be hidden to automatically record time in the background as you work.

Senomix timesheet software is compatible with Microsoft Excel 2003 and later, and works with Microsoft Office 2010.

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Senomix Timesheets is priced starting at $120 or less per user seat
or $10 per-user per-month for a hosted plan.

Compatible with Microsoft Excel 2003 and later
Works with Microsoft Office 2010
System requirements: Microsoft ® Windows® 2000 or Windows XP / Office 2000 or later
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