Timesheets for Mobile Devices
3.2 - Timesheet Listing Screen

The Timesheet Listing screen allows you to review all of your past timesheets and open those records for review or editing:

Timesheet listing screen

In the listing screen, you can see if your past record is pending approval (and so can still be edited), has been approved and locked from editing, or has been disapproved for correction. The name of the individual who has approved or disapproved your timesheet can also be seen in that record's row.

To select a timesheet for review, tap row of interest and either hold your finger on that selection or tap the Details toolbar button. Once selected, your timesheet will be opened as a read-only timesheet:

Read-only timesheet

The read-only timesheet holds the same information as your regular, editable timesheet, with the Save button replaced with an Edit option.

If your reviewed timesheet has been approved and locked from editing, the Edit button will read "Locked".

If your timesheet is still available for editing you can tap the Edit toolbar button to allow adjustments to your record.